High Ticket Affiliate Programs to Make Money with SEO [2023]


Part of The Hustler Method is obviously also to generate an income with SEO. There are multiple ways to monetize the relevant traffic to your website; think of e-ecommerce, dropshipping, AdSense, lead generation, but affiliate marketing might be one of the easiest to create a passive income. According to some it may be dead, but we’d like to disagree. The affiliate marketing spent is still growing year over year and there are many interesting affiliate programs out there, especially when you focus on the juicy, high ticket, high reward ones. 🤑 

What is high ticket affiliate marketing?

High ticket affiliate marketing is a type of affiliate marketing that focuses on generating higher commissions through fewer sales. This is usually because either the price of the product / service is higher than average or the commission rates are extremely appealing. In this way as a website owner and affiliate, you don’t necessarily need to drive a ton of traffic, but a limited amount could be enough.

Dropshipping vs. affiliate marketing

Dropshipping refers to the process of selling a product, but letting the supplier directly ship it to the end customer, where affiliate marketing refers to promoting a product or service from a different merchant and receiving a percentage as commission on the sale. 📦

What are the pro’s of dropshipping:

  • You can determine the price of the product and in that way set your margin.
  • It’s easier to build a brand around a dropshipping business, since you’re not directing your customers to a different brand.
  • You are less dependent on price changes or product / service stock of your network.

What are the cons of dropshipping compared to affiliate

  • For dropshipping you need some kind of customer support. Fortunately there are ways to outsource this, for instance on Upwork.
  • You will have to deal with returns.
  • Supply costs money even when it’s handled by the middle man. You can start affiliate marketing without any money.

So you have to find out what works best for you. The risks are a bit less with affiliate marketing, but the upside can be much greater at dropshipping. Obviously you cannot dropship everything. Many of the services or products provided in this article are extremely hard to dropship, but are an excellent fit for affiliate marketing.

Type of high ticket affiliate programs

So in this article will show some of the best high ticket affiliate programs, but to structure it, we have grouped these programs based on their type, since there are many different areas that provide well paying affiliate commission rates. In general you should expect most of these areas to be highly competitive, but we’ve tried to curate a list of programs with some hidden gems that should also be feasible for ranking reasonably well.

So what areas are most common for high ticket affiliate programs:

  • Tooling
  • Hosting & web building
  • Courses
  • VPNs
  • Casinos & betting
  • Investing & cryptocurrency
  • Luxury products & services

Obviously there might be more, but these are definitely some that you should first try to find your luck in.🍀

1. Affiliate programs for tooling 🔧

Tooling is always an extremely interesting field to look at for affiliate marketing, since the commission rate are often pretty high, the earnings may be recurring on a monthly base and cookie times are reasonably long. In this way potentially landing one big client could already be enough to get a decent recurring affiliate income. Therefore it is also a highly competitive field. Let’s look at the first high ticket affiliate program examples:

SEMRush affiliate program

To stay close to our specialism, SEMRush is one of the leading SEO tools in the world. One that is highly suitable for keyword research, ranking, competitor research and content planning worldwide. The tool has had a very lucrative affiliate program the last few years, but changed it slightly in 2021. Initially there was the opportunity to receive recurring revenue from this affiliate program. Unfortunately they changed this, but still you can earn quite well by recommending to use SEMRush. As this is in the world of SEOs, expect it to be really competitive though 🤠

SEMRush affiliate program
Affiliate programSEMRush
Commission$0.01 for every sign-up
$10 for every lead
$200 for every subscription sale
Cookie durationLast click attribution and 120 days cookie time

SpyFu affiliate program

SpyFy is another tool for search marketing. It focuses on spying on competitors for both SEO and SEA. For any given domain you can check what keywords they have bought on Google Ads in every variation for the last 15 years, but next to that for SEO purposes also see organic rankings for that same period of time. This helps to execute better keyword analyses and competitor analyses, from which you can set up a more complete content strategy.🕵️

Spyfu affiliate program
Affiliate programSpyFUh
Commission40% in monthly recurring commissions, which comes down to anywhere between $13 and $120 per month per signup.
PriceBetween $33 and $299 a month.
Cookie duration365-day tracking cookie

ConvertKit affiliate program

CovertKit is a tool designed for creators such as musicians, authors, podcasters and coaches to simplify their lives in connecting with their audience, foster a community and simplify ways to make a living online. This is done with features like easy to create landing pages, email sign up forms, email marketing add-ons and e-commerce possibilities. They offer an extremely attractive affiliate program where you can earn 30% commission for every person that signs up. As long as their ConvertKit account is active you will receive a monthly commission, which can go up pretty quickly, especially if the creator that signed up will grow their audience to a large list.

Convertkit affiliate program
Affiliate programConvertKit
Commission30% in monthly recurring commissions
PriceBetween $9 and roughly $2100 (on a really big plan) a month.
Cookie duration365-day tracking cookie

HubSpot affiliate program

HubSpot is a CRM (customer relationship management) software solutions that offers many different features, such as marketing automation software (blog, ads, video, SEO), sales, customer service, CMS and operations software. So it includes a broad range of products that can be picked individually. HubSpot currently already has more than 100k customers, but they’re always looking to expand, which you can help them with, utilizing their generous affiliate program:

Hubspot affiliate marketing program
Affiliate programHubSpot
Commission15% in monthly recurring commissions or 100% flat rate of first month
PriceAnywhere between $45 and roughly $9950 (on a really big plan) per month. The avg commission pay-out in 2020 was 276.
Cookie duration90-day tracking cookie

ClickFunnels affiliate program

ClickFunnels is a company founded by Russell Brunson, who also wrote books like DotCom secrets and Expert secrets. ClickFunnels is a software solution build by him and his team, which allows entrepreneurs to create a sales funnel that will help you to convert better, and get more revenue in. As an affiliate program it is quite attractive, but it has some tiers. For the regular Russell Brunson products like his books, you will earn a 40% commission, on top of that there’s a flat fee $100 commission for his training programs one funnel away and 30 days. Then the commission rate for the software solutions starts at 20%, but whenever you reach $1,000 a month benchmark that will go up to %30 and finally after realizing 40 paying ClickFunnels users, you can apply for a 40% commission rate.

Clickfunnels affiliate program
Affiliate programClickFunnels
Commission20%-40% and $100 flat fee for training programs.
PriceFor the software: $97 – $297 a month.
Cookie duration30-day tracking cookie

2. Affiliate programs for Hosting and web builders 👷

Tooling is always an extremely interesting field to look at for affiliate marketing, since the commission rate are often pretty high, the earnings may be recurring on a monthly base and cookie times are reasonably long. In this way potentially landing one big client could already be enough to get a decent recurring affiliate income. Therefore it is also a highly competitive field. Let’s look at some examples:

Hostgator affiliate program

So yeah Hostgator is just another hosting company, but it has a great variety of plans and is super straightforward. It has options for shared hosting, website builders, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting with server control. The first domain registration at Hostgator is always free, just like site transfers. There are currently 2 million + websites hosted at Hostgator. The affiliate program is pretty good with a layered approach in which you $65 per signup with 1-5 signups per month, for 6-10 it’s $75 / signup, for 11-20 it’s $100 / signup and for 21+ per month it’s a $125 / signup. This means that with 21 signups you would earn $2625. 🐊

Hostgator affiliate program
Affiliate programHostgator
CommissionBetween $65 and $125 per signup
Cookie duration60-day tracking cookie

Bluehost affiliate program

Bluehost is one of the most prominent hosting services across the globe with over 2 million domains running on the platform. Next to regular hosting services, it also offers email marketing solutions and support. The package that Bluehost offers includes a free domain, free SSL certificate, Cloudflare CDN, 1-click WordPress Install, Custom Email addresses, 24/7 support, 9% uptime. The affiliate program for regular hosting is pretty good with $65 per signup. You can earn up to $100 for leads for their email marketing service.

Bluehost affiliate program
Affiliate programBluehost
Commission$65 for hosting signups and $100 for email marketing signups
Cookie duration90-day tracking cookie

Shopify affiliate program

We have already written an extensive article about Shopify and how it relates to SEO. Shopify is the biggest plug and play e-commerce solutions and there seems to be no end to its growth. From small businesses to big enterprises like Gymshark and Pepsi, many e-commerce websites around the world are now running on Shopify. The affiliate program is also very attractive. Although there is no recurring commission based on subscription, they offer a nice bounty commission of 200% of the monthly plan price. The price range for Shopify plans is between $29 and $299 per month and even higher for enterprise solutions. This means that single commission could go up to almost $600 or even higher. However, the procedure for getting admitted to the program is pretty strict; there are quite some criteria around your website, audience and content.

Shopify affiliate program
Affiliate programShopify
Commission200% bounty commission
Pricing$29 – $299
Cookie duration30-day tracking cookie

Liquid Web affiliate program

Liquid Web is another hosting solution, but they also clearly distinguish themselves from the regular hosting company. Besides the insane commission rates, they are more focused on high-end hosting solutions. Packages include WordPress hosting, dedicated (cloud) servers, VPS hosting and Enterprise hosting. Even though the WordPress packages already start at $19, you will still receive a $150 commission for this type of referral, because that’s the minimum. Anything above the threshold payout will be rewarded with a 150% commission rate of the monthly costs. This means that if you refer a monthly plan of $400, your payout will be $600. This can go up all the way to $7000, which is crazy. However, you should then be able to land a client that will pay them more than $4500 for a dedicated hosting plan.🤯

Liquidweb affiliate program
Affiliate programLiquid Web
Commission150% commission on monthly price plan with a $150 minimum
PricingMonthly $19- $5000
Cookie duration90-day tracking cookie

WP Engine affiliate program

WP Engine again is a hosting service, but also one at the more premium end specifically designed for WordPress websites. They have all the addons and features to make sure your WordPress websites become better and faster. Since their offer is a bit different than regular hosting services, their pricing is too. Hosting a single website starts at $25 a month and goes up all the way to $300 a month and even more for custom enterprise solutions. For the affiliate program there’s a $200 minimum (which is extremely high!) or equal to the first month’s payment, whichever is higher. Next to that, you can earn extra’s for StudioPress theme purchases for which the commission rate is 35%.

WP Engine affiliate program
Affiliate programWP Engine
Commission$200 minimum up to ~$300
Cookie duration180-day tracking cookie

Wix affiliate program

Wix is a software company that provides easy drag and drop website building solutions. It’s similar to WordPress, but has way less options to customize. Wix has a freemium model, where you can basically start a website for free, but if you’d like any additional options, templates, customer service etc, you will pay a (subscription) fee. These plans are anywhere between $5 and $30 a month and business solutions can get a bit higher. The affiliate program is pretty generous with $100 per sale.

Affiliate programWix
Cookie duration30-day tracking cookie

3. Affiliate programs for courses and education🎓 

Courses and education are an interesting and growing field on the web. Many people are interested to learn a niche subject online and the amount of providers keeps on growing. This is also due to platforms that offer to upload courses such as Udemy or Coursera. Many other places (just like the upcoming SEO Hustlers course) host a course on their own platform. The commission rates for these types of courses can even be higher, but are harder to find, since they are so nice.

Coursera affiliate program

Coursera is one of the biggest open online course providers that works with universities and professors on a big range of topics, offering over 3000 courses. Many of them can be taken for free, but need payment for certification. The commission structure for Coursera is set a 10% for annual subscription, 20% base commission for individual courses and a 45% commission for specializations and professional certificates and Coursera Plus.

Coursera affiliate program
Affiliate programCoursera
Cookie duration30-day tracking cookie

Teachable affiliate program

Teachable is a new generation platform to create and host online courses and coaching services. This means that people that are highly skilled in a craft or service can easily set up a course they would like to sell to the public. The affiliate program offers a recurring commission rate with a base rate of 30% and up to 50% bonus tier for reaching a conversion threshold.

Affiliate programTeachable
Commission30% and up to 50% for bonus tiers
Cookie duration90-day tracking cookie

4. Affiliate programs for VPN services 🔐

VPN services provide proxy servers for instance to make sure to get around censorship on the web, such as geoblocking or whenever users want to protect their data or protect systems against cybercrime. These VPN services are often recurring plans and offer a great variety of well paid affiliate programs. The best one is listed below:

StrongVPN affiliate program

StrongVPN is definitely among the best VPN services around the world. They have great support across many different (smart) devices and over 900 services in more than 30 countries. Their affiliate program is pretty generous with up to 200% commissions per sale.

Strong VPN affiliate program
Affiliate programStrong VPN
Pricing~$10 a month
Cookie duration30-day tracking cookie

5. Affiliate programs for online casinos and betting 🎰

Online casinos, gambling services and even betting might seem kind of sketchy, but they’re also a goldmine if you can deliver customers. The online gambling industry is also taking a lift-off due to regulations over the past few years and is expected to grow over the next few years, so the right time to hop on. Below two examples of online casino/gambling / betting affiliate programs that are extremely lucrative:

FortuneJack affiliate program

FortuneJack offers many different casino games, but also a great variety of sports betting, online dice games, poker games, blackjack and roulette. The company behind FortuneJack has a lot of experience in the casino and gambling industry, but FortuneJack differentiates itself by being a crypto backed platform. Within the crypto industry they claim to have the most diverse game portfolio. The most important for you obviously is their affiliate program, and that is pretty, pretty, pretty good. It pays up to 70% commission on revenue generated by players (which therefore can be recurring). However, they’ve set this up in tiers of 25% for 0.1 BTC, 30% for 0.1-0.5 BTC, 40% for 0.5-2 BTC, 50% for 2-5BTC and 60% for 5+ BTC. Then there’s a commission bonus plan for 70%. Obviously, these are pretty high numbers, so it won’t be easy, but landing a big client will make you a big buck! 💰

Fortunejack affiliate program
Affiliate programFortuneJack
Cookie duration30-day tracking cookie

Betsson affiliate program

Betsson is a company that holds multiple casino/gambling brands, such as Star Casino, Casino.dk and Betsafe. They have a long history within the casino and gambling industry. They are a very European focused brand, so unfortunately this one isn’t suited for the US market. Their affiliate program is pretty good, where you generally get around 20-30% (sometimes up to 40%) of the revenue share. Then there’s also an additional CPA program where you get paid for new players.

Affiliate programBetsson
Cookie duration30-day tracking cookie

6. Affiliate programs for investing and cryptocurrency 📈

Investing in all sorts and forms has seen an increase in popularity over the past few years. Individual stocks, ETFs, bonds, crypto, NFTs, gold, silver, real estate, everything has become more accessible due to a combination of low interest rates and accessible data, platforms and apps that help individuals to invest. These markets are so ridiculously big that it obviously is very lucrative for affiliate marketing as well. Please be aware that it is also extremely competitive.

Plus500 affiliate program

Plus500 is a leading provider of Contracts for Difference (CFDs), delivering trading facilities on shares, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, options and indices, as well as innovative trading technology. A CFD is something where the difference between the opening and closing price of a given instrument is taken into account for that day. Unfortunately this type of trading is banned in the US, but is open in many countries across the globe. The affiliate program pays extremely well on a CPA base. This means that for any paying user you refer, you will receive an amount between $200 and $800.

Plus500 affiliate program
Affiliate programPlus500
Commission$200-$800 CPA
Cookie duration30-day tracking cookie

Capitalist Exploits affiliate program

Capitalist Exploits consists of a team of professional wealth managers, investors and entrepreneurs. They spent their time on improving the quality of investment research that they offer to their subscribers. Because Capitalist Exploits is basically a super high end newsletter / community for which they offer two membership products ranging from $1575 to USD$3499 per year. And the good thing is that their commission rate is 50%, so you can make half of that by referring a single customer.

Capitalist Exploits affiliate program
Affiliate programCapitalist Exploits
Pricing$1575 to $3499
Cookie duration365-day tracking cookie

Binance affiliate program

Binance is one of the leading crypto platforms in the world, founded in 2017 in Hong Kong. It offers trading in all kinds of ways, staking, NFTs, you name it, all the services that you can think of within cryptocurrency for everyone between beginners and advanced traders. Their affiliate program is also pretty good, offering 41% if you refer less than 500 traders and 50% if you refer 500+ traders. These are lifetime commissions on spot trading. Then there are also all kind of extras and bonuses for affiliates, so definitely worth checking out.

Binance affiliate program
Affiliate programBinances
Cookie duration90-day tracking cookie

7. Affiliate programs for luxury products and services💎 

It might speak for itself, but luxury services and products obviously come with a price tag and that also means that if there’s a good affiliate program the potential earnings can be extremely lucrative. Luxury products and services can include high end jewelry, yachts, cruises, private flights, helicopter rides, high-end cars, watches etc. We have found some pretty good affiliate programs to promote these kinds of products and services.

Luxury Card affiliate program

Luxury Card is an extremely premium card, which you can already see in its appearance, since it’s made of a mixture of stainless steel and carbon and there’s also a possibility to upgrade it to a 24-karat gold version. The card offers a cashback at 2% as well as air miles redeemed at 2%. And there are perks like getting airport lounge access and other travel incentives. The affiliate program is one of the best in its category offering $405 per signup!

Luxury card affiliate program
Affiliate programLuxury Card
Commission$405 CPA
Cookie duration30-day tracking cookie

Villiers affiliate program

There’s a market for everything; also for private jet charters. The Villiers network aggregates over 10,000 private aircrafts, across 40,000 destinations worldwide, making it easy for clients to find the best private jet charter in one place. This is not something the masses will be doing, but the commission rates are insane! Affiliates earn an uncapped 30% profit share on every flight introduced, along with recurring revenue for any future bookings a referred client goes on to make. In reality this means that evert flight will make you around $1000.

Villiers affiliate program
Affiliate programVilliers Jets
Commission30% recurring
Cookie duration365-day tracking cookie

Oceanscape yachts affiliate program

Save the best for last. Yachts are obviously extremely expensive and only available to the super wealthy. To own a yacht will cost you a fortune, but you can also rent one for a holiday, which will be a bit less extraordinary, However, these prices still start at $25000 for a week of renting a yacht and can multiply easily. With a lifetime commission rate of 5% (and an additional 2% on future bookings), earnings start at $1250 per sale. 💸

Oceanscape affiliate program
Affiliate programOceanscape Yachts
Commission5% recurring
Cookie durationUnlimited

Final Thoughts & TLDR

  • Find products and services with high pricing
  • Check search volumes, keyword difficulty or any other competitive insights
  • Check commission rates and if these are recurring, CPA or lifetime commissions
  • Check the cookie duration
  • Check if affiliate programs might be interesting outside of your home country
  • Try it out and earn that recurring income 😌

That’s a wrap 🤠 Please let us know if you have had any good experiences with other high ticket affiliate programs or if you need help building your mini-empire.

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