Put your great title here

Put your meta description here. Even if it is not a ranking factor it is pretty important for users to click on your site.

Put your great title here

Put your meta description here. Even if it is not a ranking factor it is pretty important for users to click on your site.

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SEO SERP Preview Tool [2023]

Don’t look any further if you were looking to find a tool with up to date Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) preview features. This tool allows you to integrate the standard page title and meta description with recent character limits, but also the new URL set-up, bold keywords and specific rich snippets such as image, video and ratings.

Maximum page title length for SEO 

The page title is one of the most important ranking factors for SEO, but the max. character limit is always changing, because Google is always experimenting with new SERP roll-outs. That’s also partly the reason why this tool integrated both a desktop view and a mobile view. The maximum character limit is actually a bit complex and more dependent on pixels than on characters.

  • In 2023 there’s a maximum of approximately 600 pixels width. Depending on the width, this often reflects 60-70 characters
  • If you exceed that amount of pixels, Google will reply the last word(s) with an ellipsis (…)

Maximum meta description length in 2023

The meta description might not be a ranking factor, it is extremely important, as it is “free” advertising space and can help to boost your CTR, which is a Google ranking factor. Since a few years it is very hard to tell the maximum meta description character length as there are so many changes from Google’s end as well as differences between mobile and desktop. However there are some guidelines that you can follow:

  • Google generally truncates meta description snippets to somewhere around 150-160 characters, but again this is dependent on pixels, rather than characters
  • If the meta description exceeds the limit, Google will cut of words and replace them with an ellipsis (…)
  • Sometimes a page includes a publish date (tip!). This indicates the relevancy of a page or article. However, be aware that Google will include this as part of the snippet. So in this case, keep the description tag below 140 characters.

URLs in SERP Preview

Google always seems to be experimenting with the way the URL is set up in the SERP. It used to be below the page title and above the meta description, but recently the URL has been seen on top and in bold for exampe. Be aware that your URL can be a sign of trust and is therefore also important. Google will also sometimes choose to preview breadcrumbs, which can be optimized with structured data and show the hierarchical structure of your website.

Rich snippets in the SERP

Rich snippets can refer to many things that could enhance or specify your snippet, such as reviews, recipes and events. This is often implemented with structured data. A full list of options is provided by Google. This tool allows you to include certain rich snippets (image, video, price, reviews) in your SERP preview, so you get an idea of what your snippet would look like.

SEO tips for writing metadata in 2023

So remember that your snippet in the SERP will be vital for your SEO success. There are many tips & tricks and hacks that can be applied to this, such as the article about page title tips for 2023 that is already listed in our blog. A few general best practices include:

  • Write compelling, reliable and convincing copy
  • Include keyword(s)
  • Include your brand name
  • Include a USP (unique selling point) and/or CTA (call to action) if it fits
  • Avoid duplicate metadata
  • Avoid spammy characters (double exclamation marks)

Keep in mind that you should try to be relevant and provide value in this copy for the user. This will definitely drive traffic.