Five Page Title Tricks To Easily Add 100.000 Additional Visitors To Your Website

In this post we’re going to show you how a few simple page title tricks can easily generate an additional 100k visitors to your website.

Here’s a screenshot of a clients’ results after implementing one of the five techniques:

page title trick seo increase traffic

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Let’s dive right in…

Page titles are arguably THE most important on-page element to optimize for a page. Yes, you need to have many other elements in place too, but we’ve noticed a big impact on traffic, by slightly tweaking and testing a lot of page titles.

Without any further ado, let’s look at what these five tricks are.

1. Add the word ‘buy’ to your page titles, to start receiving high buying intent traffic

Ok, it sounds simple. Yet, many websites we have audited, have not implemented this. For the well established websites, it can make a huge difference. This may not apply to every business or every page of your website. But if you sell products, it’s a must-have.

We’ve tested this method for a client, where we only used the word in page titles. No mention on the page itself, and it already had a major impact bottomline. Like we showed in the beginning of this post, it was responsible for over 76.6k clicks from queries containing the word ‘buy’ (in this case in Dutch) over the last 16 months!

It get’s better: our money keywords jumped to top #3 rankings within a week:

page title trick semrush buy keyword

2. Add a year to your pagetitle

For this particular technique we have to give full credits to Glen Allsopp from Detailed. Big fan of his work, where he mentioned adding the year to your page title in one of his posts from his old blog. Because people are looking for the most up to date content, most up to date lists of products. Like:

  • [best smartphone 2019]
  • [seo 2019]

For this tip, we looked at Google Search Console from our German Shepherd Dog affiliate website where we implemented this. As you can see from the screenshot below, it brought in an additional 710 visitors over the last 12 months.

This might not seem a lot, but I can tell you that all of these are transactional keywords with high buying intent. Meaning these visitors convert really well to the affiliate offers that are implemented on these pages. Implementing it only took 15 minutes, so definitely worth the effort.

Besides, competition on these keywords is super low.

Want to have proof on a bigger scale? One of our clients runs a highly successful affiliate website. He implemented this method and he received over 10.1k additional visits over the last 12 months!

Super simple, yet very effective.

3. Add the word ‘best’ to your page titles and focus your content around it

Not every website is competitive enough to compete on generic keywords with high buying intent like [buy nike airforce 1 sneakers]. However, the next two tricks turn out to have relatively low competition, because they focus one more long-tail keyword combinations.

Yes, it’s about adding the word ‘best’ to suitable page titles.
Secondly, you can also use it for ‘best buy content pages’.

Check out how this turned out for our german shepherd dog affiliate website:

page title queries best

An additional 4.35k visitors over the last 12 months, by simply adding ‘best’ to the page titles!

Similarly, a client applied it for his website and well and BOOM – an additional 40.5k visits!

page title tricks case study

4. Add the word ‘top 10’ to your page titles and focus your content around it

There’s an overload of products nowadays. Hundreds of similar products to choose from. All these products are basically the same. So how do people choose? Well, with lists. People want to be guided. They want to make a choice between 10 products, rather than between 100 products.

Easy as that, add top 10 lists to your pages and implement it to your page titles. Let’s see how much traffic this brought in for us:

An additional 1.59k visits. The best part? You can combine the above mentioned page title tricks! For example:

  • Top 10 best dog toys 2023 | brand
  • Top 10 best headphones 2023 | brand
  • Top 10 best drones 2023 | brand
  • Etc.

5. Start your page title with your (clients’) brandname, if it’s short enough.

This is still idea, as we’re not able to verify the impact yet. However, it does stand out on the SERP where all brands start with the main focus keywords.

Here’s what we mean:

See how all websites have the same page title setup? Except from (biggest marketplace in the Netherlands). It stands out AND it also strengthens their brand. It only works when the brand name isn’t too long though, otherwise it would distract too much from the search intent of the user.

Closing thoughts, here are some example templates, you can start using immediately.

  • brand | top 10 best {productcategory} of 2023
    Ledzy | top 10 best ledsneakers of 2023
  • brand | buy {productcategory} in 2023
    Ledzy | buy ledsneakers in 2023
  • brand | top 10 best {topic} of 2023
    Moz | top 10 best seo title tags 2023

All used together, these techniques could easily add an additional 10-100k visitors to your website on a yearly basis with very minimum effort.

We would love to hear about more page title tactics or your success stories. Please let us know in the comments what you thought of this post and join our SEO Hustlers community here.

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