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Keyword mixer + wrapper tool: Combine words for SEO & Adwords

Are you looking for a free tool that combines words quickly? Look no further, you found just that! Our word hustle tool allows you to mix and wrap words that you can use for your SEO or PPC efforts.


Here are three examples.

1. Keyword mixer for SEO

Let’s say you’re performing keyword research for a dentist that offers a Teeth whitening service. You want to check search volumes for the cities near the dentist. Here’s how you can mix these word combinations fast.

  1. Place the keyword in the first field, for example ‘Teeth whitening’
  2. Place the list of cities in the second field, like shown below
  3. Hit the button ‘Hustle!’ and the tool will mix the keywords you specified
  4. Copy and paste into Google’s keyword planner to check search volume!

2. Keyword wrapper Adwords (PPC)

Want to wrap keywords for your Adwords Campaign? Easy.

Let’s say you want to add a few exact match keywords to an existing Google Adwords campaign for a local sushi restaurant. You want to wrap your keywords into brackets because you don’t want any other variations included.

  1. Put the word combinations into the fields below. You can leave them empty if you don’t have to use them all.
  2. Choose your keyword wrapper for the options (right top on desktop). For example you want to wrap your keywords in [brackets].
  3. Hit the button ‘Hustle!’ and the tool will wrap the keywords you specified
  4. Copy and paste them into your Google Adwords Campaign!

3. Combine words or merge words

You can also use this tool to combine or merge any words for FREE. Just use the three fields, put your words into the fields you want to combine and hit the button ‘Hustle!’ to create word combinations.

Looking for a name for your business? Here is an example on how you can use this tool to find a new business name.

Free tool: word combo generator

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