25 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions
(+ How To Use Them) in 2023

Looking for the best and free SEO extensions? We have compiled a list of SEO chrome extensions that we personally use and recommend. Use these browser extensions to work smarter and get things done faster 🚀.

The list below contains 25 SEO plugins in different categories. Learn how to install and use them with our step-by-step (video) tutorial.

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Keyword research

These seo extensions will help you to find and collect keywords while browsing the SERPs.

Extension #1: Keywords Everywhere

Super useful plugin that shows the trend, volumes and related keywords as you Google and research your topic.

Click to enlarge:

  • Keyword trendsSee seasonality for any given search query over the last 12 months;
  • Keyword suggestions: Get access to all related searches for your search query;
  • Long tail keywords (golden nugget!): Get access to all long tail keywords related to your search query, super powerful stuff! You can’t get this elsewhere.

Extension #2: Keyword Surfer

Very similar to keywords everywhere, but gives additional info per ranking domain. Also provides correlation stats. Good to use in combo with keywords everywhere.

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  • Search volume & CPC: Directly view the search volume and CPC of any given term from the Google search bar;
  • Domain stats: View how much traffic a ranking domain gets, how much words the result contains and how often the exact keyword is mentioned;
  • Keyword ideas: Get a huge list of keyword ideas, sort on volume or on similarity. Get results for multiple countries;
  • Correlation charts: View the traffic, words or keywords for the ranking domains in a chart.

Rank checking

These seo extensions will help you to track rankings over time and apply cool shurtcuts to analyse any given result.

Extension #3: SERPTrends

The extension currently seems buggy, so I couldn’t take screenshots. A bummer, because if was one of my favorites. Here are some of their own screenshots.

  • Rankings: View numbers in front of all rankings domains. Track any changes when you visit the same SERP again;
  • Quick access: The dropdown next to a ranking domain can be used to quickly view the URL in Ahrefs, Who.is, Archive.org or for any custom parameter you configure.

Extension #4: SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

Super simple yet very useful plugin. Simulate any search and lookup where your domain ranks.

  • International SEO: Check what the search results look like in any country and for any given language. Very useful when doing international SEO, to see if your hreflang tags are properly working. Can also lookup the position for a given URL.

On-page SEO

These seo extensions will help you to optimize the on-page content elements of any given page.

Extension #5: Text Optimizer

Optimize any text on the go with TextOptimizer:

  • Copywriting: write copy and get suggestions as you type, check off phrases that you have covered. Good for getting decent copy out. Would require some additional research though.

Technical SEO

These seo extensions will help you to optimize all the technical elements of any given page.

Extension #6: Redirect Path

Redirect path shows you any redirect (chains) for a given URL. Simple, but very useful.

  • Redirect paths: Quickly identifying any redirect(chains) for a given URL. For example from http to https. Or www. and non-www. Allows for quick copy paste with a click of a button and gives additional server information.

Extension #7: Quick Javascript Switcher

This plugin allows you to quickly turn javascript on and off. Can you spot the differences below?

Javascript turned on:

Javascript turned off:

  • Auditing Javascript: As you can see from the screenshots above, it’s very useful when auditing a website on javascript implementation. You don’t want certain important SEO elements packed into javascipt. For example main menu links, body content or meta data. As you can see in the screenshots above, the headings dissappears! But that is not all. The slider doesn’t show up, certain images don’t load and the size selections are gone. It could be an issue in this case because the size selection buttons could serve as important internal links.

Extension #8: View rendered source

With View rendered source, you can quickly compare a page’s initial HTML (DOM) and its rendered version.

  • Auditing Javascript SEO: Remember the Nike page with the Javascript switcher off and on? With regards to javascript, this is really helpful to quickly discover what parts of the HTML are changed, added or removed. Highlighted in green, red and orange.

Extension #9: Google’s Lighthouse

Google’s Lighthouse gives you insights into: performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO and Progressive Web Apps. You can also audit mobile and desktop seperately.

  • Pagespeed insights: Very useful for different things. But we mainly use it for pagespeed insights, especially when you are on staging environments and you can’t audit non public;
  • SEO Crawling / Readability: URLs. But furthermore, it gives you insight into other aspects of SEO too. But, it can be a bit overwhelming at first and there is lots of developer slang used. We would recommend using it for pagespeed purposes only.

Extension #10: The Tech SEO – Quick Click Website Audit

As the tool says, you can quicly audit any given URL in just one click!

  • Quick Access to Audits: Very useful for quickly checking the given URL in other SEO tools. Whether you want to quickly test structured data, page speed or inbound links, just click the tool you use and you are good to go. Personally use it for Builwith (to discover the source code) Whois lookups (for outreach) or  Wayback machine (to view the history off a URL). I haven’t used many others, but literally everything you need is in here.

Extension #11: User-Agent Switcher for Chrome

Check what your website looks like when switching between user-agents.

  • Technical SEO: If you are performing a technical SEO audit, it is wise to check if all important SEO elements (meta data, canonical, hreflang tags, etc. are retrieved properly with the most popular user-agents. This extension allows you to switch quickly between chrome or iOS or any other user-agent you want to test.

Extension #12: Structured data tester

With structured data tester, you can view all implemented structured data, errors and warnings within a few clicks.

  • Structured data: Quickly checking what kind of schema markup is implemented on a site, easy copy paste options or double checking in Google’s tool. I personally like some plugins dedicated to one SEO element, rather than having to click a lot in an All-in-one plugin to get to the right tab.

Extension #13: Href lang checker

With Href lang checker, you can speed up your international SEO audits with a simple click. Unfortunately, the tool has no copy-paste or export options.

  • International SEO: Quickly checking whether href lang tags are present and correctly implemented (reference back). With regards to international SEO, href lang tags are amongst THE most important element to have correctly implemented. Speed up your international SEO audits with this simple yet super valuable extension.

Scraping & Crawling

These seo extensions will help you to scrape the SERPs or simulate a Google-crawl.

Extension #14: Scraper

Super useful plugin that helps you to scrape URLs, images, titles or anything you can find on a page.

Click to enlarge:

  • Scraping: do you quickly want to get all image URLs of a page? Now you can with this insanely powerful scraping extension. When building affiliate websites, you often need to scrape URLs, headings, descriptions or images. Now you can 10x speed up your work, no more manual copy pasting!

Extension #15: Checkbot: SEO, Web Speed & Security Tester

Simulate a Google crawl or do a quick webspeed or security audit.

  • Crawling: if you don’t feel like using screaming frog, you can use this powerful in-browser crawler to identify any high over SEO issues. Super powerful and customizable.

Link building

These seo extensions will help you to optimize all your outreach efforts.

Extension #16: LinkClump

This tool isn’t limited to use for outreach, its a LIFE HACK. Select and copy URLs, titles or both with this plugin.

Click to enlarge:

  • Copy pasting URLs/Links/Anchors: Scraping the SERP, quickly copying keywords from Keywords Everywhere, copying internal or external links on a page. Serious life hack time saver plugin!

Extension #17: Check My Links

This extension checks all links on a given page. Whether they are broken, contain redirects or whether they are follow, nofollow.

  • Auditing links: quickly analyse all links on a page and visually see what you need to fix.

Extension #18: NoFollow Simple

Super simple plugin, it marks nofollow links with a red dotted line. That’s it.

  • Auditing nofollow links: visually check nofollow links on any given page. Automatically marks them, no clicks needed.

YouTube SEO

These seo extensions will help you to optimize all your video optimization

Extension #19: vidIQ Vision for YouTube

There aren’t any specific YouTube SEO plugins, but this tool provides a lot of information on channels and videos. It also has a tiny section on SEO.

Click to enlarge:

  • YouTube Video SEO: check video stats, get keyword suggestions and monitor which videos go viral with this very extensive YouTube SEO extension. It also scores videos on SEO with regards to retaining users, end screens, descriptions and more.

Amazon SEO

These seo extensions will help you to optimize your rankings within Amazon.

Extension #20: Amazon Keyword Ranking & Index Checker

Very simple yet useful chrome plugin. Check whether your pages are indexed for specific keywords and what your rankings are.

  • Amazon SEO: Quickly checking your rankings within Amazon, for a list of keywords you want to rank for. Very useful for sidehustles or dropshipping adventures via Amazon. Not indexed? Make sure to review your on-page elements within Amazon such as product title and the description.

Extension #21: Amazon Keyword Tool for free

Another simple yet powerful plugin by SellerApp. Perform basic keyword research for any given seed keyword and marketplace.

  • Amazon SEO: Want to start a side hustle on Amazon? This extension lets you do very basic keyword research for free. Which can give you additional ideas on what to sell or how to optimize your product listings. Easily export to CSV. You can also generate more keywords by using a-z and 0-9 modifiers.


These seo extensions can do (almost) everything you can think of. Get an overview of important elements, headers, links, images, schema, social media or quick access to certain links.

Extension #22: SEO Meta data in 1 Click

One of the OG’s is definitely SEO META in 1 CLICK. As the description already says, you can get a lot of SEO related info by clicking on the icon.

Click to enlarge:

  • All in one: Quick check main SEO elements of a page: title, meta, URL, canonical, robots, sitemap language, headings, images, links, markup and quick access to certain SEO tools.

Extension #23: Detailed SEO extension (my favourite)

Very similar to as the previous plugin, as it was inspired by it. Just looks a bit cleaner and has an additional right-click menu.

Click to enlarge:

Extension #24: SEO Pro extension

Super similar to the previous ones, has statuscodes and redirects as additional tab!

Click to enlarge:

  • All in one: This extension has everything you need for a quick analysis, very identical to Detailed and SEO meta data 1 click.

Extension #25: SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a very powerful free extension that can do a lot of tasks!

Click to enlarge:

  • Onpage SEO: get insight into the basic SEO elements. Also lets you highlight headings;
  • Highlight links: lets you highlight internal, external, nofollow and follow links with 1-click;
  • Check broken links: crawls and checks all links on the page and returns an overview of link statuses;
  • Hreflang checker: checks hreflang tags and crawls pages for returning tags;
  • SERP Preview: preview the SERP for any given keyword and test what your optimized your meta data looks like;
  • SERP Location Checker: preview the SERP for a query in any country and language combination.

My personal stack

You are probably wondering. Do you really need all these SEO extensions 🤷? The answer is no. It can slow down your browser quite a bit and some tools have overlapping features. So here is my personal stack, tried and tested 😎:

  • Keywords everywhere
  • Keyword surfer
  • SERP Trends
  • Search Simulator
  • Lighthouse
  • Quick Javascript Switcher
  • View rendered source
  • The Tech SEO
  • User-agent Switcher
  • Scraper
  • Link clump
  • Detailed
  • SEO Minion

That’s a wrap! What is your favorite SEO extension? Please let us know in the comments below 👇!

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