21 profitable SEO niches to dominate in 2023


Every SEO is checking search volumes on a specific niche from time to time to calculate potential traffic (and revenue 🤑). If only a good domain name and tricking Google’s algorithm to play competitors and make a nice side-income. Well, the good news is; it’s totally possible! The hard news is; it requires good research, skills and a bit of persistence.

In this post we identified 21 niches with huge untapped potential. We show you how to find these niches and suggest ways to monetize it and make hard $$$. If you’re planning to open an eCommerce store, check out our article about Shopify SEO. If you’re planning to do affiliate marketing, read our in-depth guide.

Let us guide you through it. Navigate to a niche you like or skim the headlines and skip right to the step-by-step strategy.

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1. Babycare and clothing

Every parent wants the best for their kids right? Especially for their newborn  👼. The babycare market is an $80 billion market and is estimated to grow over 100 billion in the upcoming years. Additionally baby clothing is an almost $50 billion global market, growing rapidly in the upcoming years.

Wiping more and more…

Baby wipes google trends

Babycare consists of many different products and categories and the trick is to find the niches within the niche. So how does that work? Google Trends gives you a broad overview (see image above), but an SEO tool can give you a much more detailed view. We have the preference using Ahrefs or SEMRush for this research. For example, let’s look at baby wipes (global monthly search volume of 38K and 20K related keywords, so huge potential!) and cloth diapers. Let’s see what Ahrefs returns:

Cloth diaper related terms
  • 45K global search volume
  • More than 20K related keywords with interesting search volumes and options for longtail optimizations
  • More than 3.5K related questions with reasonably high search volumes as a potential for answer boxes

Your little brat in Harry Potter clothing?

Specific niches within baby clothing such as gender neutral baby clothes and organic baby clothes or even Harry Potter baby clothes have very low competition, but could still serve as a very interesting niche within the baby clothing niche. As you can see in the screenshots below, search volumes are very interesting and keyword difficulty is almost zero:

Gender neutral clothing for babys

Both themes could be interesting subtopics on your general baby or baby clothes specific website:

  • Both have global search volumes of around 4K
  • Both have extremely low keyword difficulty and competition
  • Not taking into account the related keywords and potential in other languages.

Total baby niche SEO potential after 12 months:

Of course the passive income potential depends on invested budgets and efforts, but let’s say you can spend some hours per week on optimizations and have some budget to outsource copywriting and outreach, then the following results wouldn’t be unlikely:

  • 50K-100K organic traffic per month
  • Conversion rate: 1-2%
  • Ways of monetizing:
    • Affiliate: up to $4.000 passive income per month
    • Dropshipping: up to $10.000 gross earnings per month 
    • Marketplaces, such as Amazon (this can also be done in combination with the above).

2. Cryptocurrency 

Something totally different than baby products and maybe a bit more hype-driven. You might think the peak of bitcoin and altcoins is far behind us, but in the background the market is maturing and becoming less volatile for these intense media-driven FOMO buys or sells. This is definitely underlined by the Google Trends graphs as you can see below:

Cryptocurrency Google Trends
Bitcoin Google Trends

However, it might even be better to be starting now in the shadow of the big bull run at the end of 2017. The good news is that the number of cryptocurrency keeps expanding and that it is still a very news-heavy topic… The crypto market, which currently exists of almost 5000 coins, has a current market capitalization of almost $250billion and a daily volume of almost $70 billion. This makes it a highly interesting playfield that is still in development and has many options to grow in.

Let’s start with the super hard:

As you can see in the first image below the exact match keyword cryptocurrency has a monthly search volume of 1.6M, but the keyword difficulty is super hard, which according to Ahrefs translates into roughly 500 referring domains for a top 10 position. Let’s say that (in the short-term) this is absolutely impossible. For the term bitcoin, it gets even crazier; Ahrefs almost gives this term a top score of 96 for its keyword difficulty. With a global monthly search volume of 11M, this is self-explanatory.

Cryptocurrency keyword ahrefs
Bitcoin keywords Ahrefs

This will result in massive amounts of traffic if you master these top terms though:

Coinmarketcap Ahrefs

Narrowing it down…

Now we’re going to learn you a very simple, but effective trick in a tool like Ahrefs that you could use in your keyword research, content gap analysis or topic research:

Making crypto profitable as an SEO niche?

1. First step, look at keyword ideas and questions that are worth exploring, always bear in mind that all these new terms open up new long-tail options as well. This is only 1 of the 5000 cryptocurrency (true, that is the most popular one 🤓) and it already has more than 700k keyword ideas and more than 120k questions!

2. Step two is to actually click one of these same terms or questions that seem interesting and have some revenue potential as well. In this case we have picked “how to invest in bitcoin”:

How to invest in bitcoin ahrefs

This keyword has a global monthly search volume of 51K and the keyword difficulty becomes a whole lot less (still pretty damn hard unfortunately). Luckily there are almost 800 related keywords and questions for the longtail on this topic.

3. The third step is actually a deepdive into high potential, low effort keywords. At step 1 click “view all 731,504” and you will reach the screen below:

Having same terms bitcoin ahrefs

When applying filters for KD (keyword difficulty) and search volume you can narrow down the list. As you can see in the image below, for keywords with more than 10k search volume in the US and a KD until 50. This only results in 15 keywords, but super specific and highly interesting ones with their own longtail options. Finetune this until you reach your optimal keyword selection. Using KD 0-30 and a volume of 500-Max already returns 342 keywords. Also try this for the top 25 other cryptocurrency.

Similar terms crypto Ahrefs

Driving traffic is always the first step. With the guides above, we’re pretty sure you could create a crypto website with relatively low effort and budget that will generate 100K monthly organic traffic, especially now there is another another bull run 🐂 🏃‍♂️ 🤠. And there are many example websites that have only been active for 1-2 years and have more than an estimated 100K+ organic traffic. 

One of the reasons this niche is included is because of the INSANE affiliate commission percentages. A few examples:

A simple and very conservative calculation and we will come to the following:

100,000 organic traffic X 0.5% conversion ratio= 500 buyers for a minimum of 100$ with at least 10% referral equals a passive income of $5,000 at the very bare minimum.

3. Vaping

Let’s stay in the shady business and discuss vaping, which was a $10 billion market in 2018 and is expected to grow to over $45 billion in 2025. This is dependent on news around health developments though. There have already been some peak news moments in 2019 around vaping and electronic cigarettes. 

As a general trend the vape interest is still growing over time and although it currently shows a slight decline, this is a market in development, which means there is a lot to experiment with from an SEO perspective and affiliate programs are often still pretty lucrative.

Vape Google Trends

The images below show how quick big players such as Juul.com and Elementvape.com have gained organic traffic, even with a relatively low number of referring domains. In a few months Juul.com managed to generate around 500K organic traffic per month, where Elementvape.com has a bit more steady growth, but managed to get to 1.5M in less than three years.

Elementvape SEO Ahrefs

How to compete in a competitive niche?

The term vape is less competitive than let’s say bitcoin, but still will be pretty hard to rank #1 for. Fortunately there’s a huge longtail with almost 900K related keywords, which again shows many interesting possibilities to create content for. The images below show how three very important topics related to vaping all fall below KD of <25 and have a search volume of more than 10k in the US only:

  1. Vape shop near me: the near me niche is something that could be applied to many different product categories and although it is already pretty old, as you can see it can still be of value.
  2. CBD vape: this relates to another niche we are going to discuss in this piece; the green rush for CBD. If you combine the two, a nice opportunity pops up.
  3. Vape batteries: this is an example of something with a really high buying intent, but low competition and therefore highly interesting.
Vape shop similar terms Ahrefs
Low competition vaping keywords

Vaping SEO traffic and revenue potential

Within the vaping market, it must be possible to get a minimum of 50K organic traffic per month after one year with a little bit of effort and budget.

The interesting thing is that this niche: 

  1. Has a pretty high buying intent and therefore a conversion rate of 2% should be feasible.
  2. Even better: it’s still attractive for affiliate marketing with minimum commission rate of 10% and an AOV of $40

The above would equal a monthly passive income of $4,000 

4. CBD

It was already briefly mentioned in the ‘vaping niche’, but CBD itself is also something to pay attention to if you are a self-respecting internet entrepreneur. 🤐

Are you ready for the green rush?

The peak might be behind us already, given the Google Trends data as previewed below, but in terms of projected market size, it’s growing really fast: in 2014, the global market size was a little bit over USD 100 million, by 2018 the total global market size had grown to USD 1.34 billion, but it is projected to grow to over USD 22 billion by 2026. Let that sink in… That’s 200X in 12 years:

Google Trends CBD
CBD market size

So how competitive is this market already in SEO?

The combined global monthly search volume of CBD and CBD oil is around 2M, but of course the level of keyword difficulty is super hard, so very low chance you would make it anywhere in the top 10 within one year, unless you have a huge budget for content and outreach. Another interesting thing regarding search intent, is to see the SERP:


Most of these pages are actually health and medical related websites or blogs, which means Google views search intent as primarily information providing, which is plausible with these generic terms.

CBD’s hidden SEO gems

The longtail is quite large with almost 10k keywords with a maximum KD of 25. The hidden gems are:

  • CBD vape (as addressed before)
  • CBD for pets
  • CBD coffee and tea
  • CBD wax
  • And everything with a question, such as how long does CBD stay in your system

The last category will have less buying intent, but has potential for ranking with a featured snippet:

CBD Featured snippet

As the CBD market is still very much in development and new products are rising quickly, it is very important to spot trends and create content for this straightaway. Three ways of doing this are:

  • Buzzsumo
  • Google Trends
  • Ahrefs Content Explorer
CBD Google Trends related

Monetizing the CBD craze:

There are multiple ways to get some cash out of the growing interest in CBD:

  1. Affiliate: as it is a new niche, commissions are often pretty high, similar to vaping. So it is not uncommon to see commission rates of 20-30%.
  2. Amazon marketplace and dropshipping: currently there are options to sell CBD-related products, but it is hard to find and sell genuine CBD oil, so this isn’t recommended (yet).

In this growing market it shouldn’t be impossible to get 50k in monthly (worldwide) organic traffic. With a conversion rate of 1%, an AOV of $50 and a 20% commission rate this would result in $5000 monthly passive income.

5. Oil diffusers

The essential oil diffuser or aroma diffuser are growing in popularity over the last few years and for some reason they peak in the holiday season:

Oil diffuser Google Trends

As you can see from the Ahrefs image below, the keyword essential oil diffuser has around 80K global search volume, next to oil diffuser, which has around 60K monthly search volume. There are more than 40K related keywords, but it might even be realistic to claim a top 10 position for those exact match keywords as the difficulty is quite low.

Another possibility would be to focus on aroma diffuser which seems to be the key term in some other countries, such as Germany and The Netherlands and has a global monthly search volume of 36K, but a really low keyword difficulty (14).

Aroma diffuser Ahrefs

The total global monthly search volume of all oil and aroma diffuser related keywords lies around 500K. Currently, there are hardly any specialized websites for this specific niche, which means that a bit of effort could mean some top positions.

Estimated oil diffusing traffic and revenue

With a pretty decent website, some good content and a few (20-30) quality backlinks, it shouldn’t be impossible to get 25-50K in monthly organic traffic for the English language.
The most obvious ways of monetizing this would be affiliate marketing and dropshipping. The average oil diffuser is around $40, which means the following:

  • Affiliate: based on 50K monthly traffic, a conversion rate of 1%, an average commission rate of 5% and AOV of $40, it would lead to a monthly passive income of $1000.
  • Dropshipping: you could also choose to possibly have a bit more hassle (although there are great ways of outsourcing/automating this) and buy these products on a Chinese vendor and let them directly ship to the client. The margin could be increased to $5 – $10, which means your income would significantly grow.
  • Marketplaces and combination: you could combine the above; what if you dropship to your Amazon store, where you would optimize your brand/category/product pages, but also have your own website with affiliate links to your Amazon store 😎

6. Murals & Wallpaper

Not the first niche you would probably think of, but this one has very high potential in two things: longtail combinations and average order value (AOV). The general mural trend is not spectacular, as you can see in the image below:

Mural Google Trends

However, looking at the total global volume, it is estimated at more than 5.1M and the keyword difficulty is surprisingly low.

Let’s start within the mural wallpaper niche

Same old trick as we showed you for the other niches, but still super effective:

Wallpaper SEO niches Ahrefs

There are more than 5000 different keywords between 500-100K global monthly search volume with very low keyword difficulty scores. This means there are plenty of content creation opportunities to rank very well. However, do take into account the term wall paper is also of course interpreted differently as desktop or phone background wallpaper. Still, the possibilities are huge.

Who has been successful within this niche?

This is also supported by websites who are already doing really well, such as muralwallpapers.com as you can see in the image below. This domain that has been active for the last three years (end 2016 – end 2019) almost reached an all time high of an estimated 300K monthly organic traffic a little bit over two years in existence. Organic monthly traffic is currently assessed around 175K from 118K different keywords. This proves how incredibly strong the longtail is.

Example Murals Ahrefs

Help, what to do with all this traffic?

So if you finally managed to get all this traffic, what’s next? Monetizing of course. But how, you’re asking us? Very easy, there are two (and probably more) very profitable options:

  1. Again this is a niche with high AOVs (sometimes over $300) and nice commission rates. Look at these two for instance: Wallsrepublic affiliate program: 10% commission, 60 day cookie duration
    MagicMurals affiliate program: 8% payout and an AOV higher than $300.
  2. Taking a bit more risk you could also choose to dropship. As you can see in the image below Aliexpress offers over 361K products for the query mural wallpaper. Your margins will probably even be higher than with affiliate marketing.
Mural options Aliexpress Dropshipping

So let’s say you are able to generate 30K monthly relevant organic traffic and 1% leads to a commission, it would mean 300 sales per month. Doing affiliate for 8% per sale on an AOV of $300, this would equal a monthly passive income of $7,200. Not bad…

7. Dab rigs

Another dubious (at least for some people 😅), but highly interesting product from an SEO and money making perspective. Dab rigs, oil rigs or oil bongs are a bit of a smaller niche, but the interesting thing is that it wouldn’t be unlikely that you are the next one dominating this niche. There aren’t a whole lot of competitors for this product category, notably specializing in this particular niche. As you can see in the image below the term dab rig came from nowhere in 2013 and has been steadily growing since.

Dab rig Google Trends

What is needed to dominate this niche?

As you can see in the Ahrefs images below, not much! There is a global monthly search volume of 27K on the exact term dab rig, which is mainly focused around the US. There are more than 10K related keywords, all having very low KD scores, but the volumes also decrease fairly quickly. The current SERP for this term is dominated by overall cannabis-product related webshops, with hardly any content or backlinks for their dab rig pages.

Dab rigs ahrefs overview
Dab rig SEO longtail

Don’t forget to also include combinations with oil bong, oil rig (also used for oil platform by the way), oil dab and glass pipe. These combinations will create a pretty decent longtail.

Our estimated potential for this niche:

With some good and specialized content and around 30-40 quality backlinks, it should be possible to dominate this niche and get a solid 20K monthly organic traffic. This could be monetized by affiliate marketing, dropshipping and selling on a marketplace like Amazon.

  1. Affiliate potential: with an average conversion rate of 1% on that 20K monthly traffic, you would generate approximately 200 sales. The AOV for dab rigs is $100 and the payout on Badassglass and Dankstop is 7%. This results in a minimum revenue of $1,400 per month.
  2. Increase your margins by dropshipping and/or owning your own marketplace shop.

8. Hypnotherapy

This is the first niche that is a bit different, since it isn’t a product or investment, but a service. This opens other opportunities for monetizing. Instead of selling ‘hypnotherapy’ or doing some kind of affiliate service, medical services such as hypnotherapy open the possibility for rank and rent.

What is rank and rent for SEO?

In the rank and rent model you first grow a website with SEO traffic for a particular service or product, often with local intent. This last bit is important, because it will often be connected to a physical location. After you have obtained the traffic you can start connecting to local suppliers of the intended service. The average value of a customer at a psychologist or hypnotherapist for instance can be quite high as people often have a series of sessions.

The scalability of this niche makes it even better…

Ok so search volume for the exact match phrase hypnotherapy isn’t even that impressive as you can see:

Hypnotherapy SEO search volumes

However, a couple of things make it really interesting:

  • As you can see, keyword difficulty isn’t even that high. The disclaimer here is that this is probably due to the local intent of this keyword, which means that the SERP will change massively around the world in different places, but this also opens up opportunities…
  • There are almost 20K related keywords.
  • Two of these keywords contain near me; hypnotherapy near me and hypnotherapist near me. The first of these two has a keyword difficulty of 0!
  • Another thing that will strike you is that many of the keywords have a location included, such as hypnotherapy new york or hypnotherapist los angeles.
Hypnotherapy near me ahrefs

And for these exact phrase keywords there are still domains available.

Wait what, there are still exact match domains available?

Hypnotherapist Los Angeles Domain
Hypnotherapy Near Me Domain

Yes claim them, quickly  😉

So how are you going to put this in practice?

There would be two effective strategies for building success around rank and renting this service:

  1. Claim a near me domain and start building your website around that. Optimize the homepage for the exact match keywords hypnotherapy/hypnotherapist near me and create location pages for some cities in the US and optimize those. You would hypothetically rank out pages and not different domains.
  2. Claim individual exact match local domains such as hypnotherapist-losangeles.com and start optimizing for that term and related keywords. Repeat this for other interesting cities. With this strategy it will probably be easier to rank for individual locations and to rent out the entire website.

We are not saying that the URL is absolutely vital in this process, but it will definitely help. The last step is to optimize locally via Google My Business.

How much are you going to bank with this?

Well search volumes aren’t HUGE, but you should definitely be able to get 2K organic traffic if you use different locations, which should at least get you around 50 potential clients per month, since the search intent is so specific. Every client is worth around $500-1000 for all sessions.

Make a good deal with the local hypnotherapist based on this knowledge… It can probably make you somewhere between $2.500-5000 monthly with relatively low effort.

9. Nootropics

Nootropics? What even are those?

What are nootropics wiki

Well one thing’s sure. it is a growing market: the market is steadily growing with 8% per year and could reach an annual market value of more than $10 billion by 2025. Since 2011 there has been a lift off in search behaviour as well:

So how are you going to be the SEO Nootropics master?

Well again we’re using Ahrefs, but let’s be a bit quicker this time. This is your starting point where you can see that there is a global search volume of 154K for the exact match keyword nootropics.

Nootropics Keyword difficulty SEO

Now go to “all keyword ideas” on the left and select a KD with a maximum of 20. You’ll see that this leaves you with 5K keywords, not only containing nootropics in them, but also specific performance enhancing drugs such as qualia mind and reviva brain. There’s huge potential to tap into, since all these topics have related keywords as well.

Therefore we would suggest the following:

  • Choose a domain name, something like pure-nootropics.com or natural-nootropics.com are still free.
  • Create a compelling homepage in which you answer the question what are nootropics and some other questions that you can find in the Ahrefs options as well.
  • Create category pages that categorize the different types of nootropics, based on search volume.
  • Have a blog or section to write articles about everything new that comes up around nootropics and connect it to keywords with search volume.

Does all that brain boosting also generate some income?

Yep it does, very much.

With a bit of effort and some budget, you should easily have to reach 20K organic traffic monthly. And you could always expand to other countries for more.

Affiliate would be a low key start to turn organic traffic into revenue. You should be able to generate around 200 sales per month and you would make between $7.50-$15.00 in commission per sale. So your passive income would probably be somewhere between $1500-$3000.

10. Ketogenic diet

Market size

Insert any other (over)hyped diet 🤐, because there is so much potential for SEO. As you can see in the Google Trends graph, keto has passed its peak, although it has some seasonality as people seem to search way more for it in the beginning of the year when everyone still has good intentions for the new year.

Furthermore, the current global market value is estimated around $10 billion and is expected to grow to over $15 billion by 2027.

Keto diet Google Trends

Starting your own keto website

The keyword keto diet has a global monthly search volume of almost 2 million, but there is a lot of competition on the generic terms. Fortunately there is a longtail of almost 200K keywords with more than 10K keywords that have a relatively low KD (<25) and still have significant search volume. These terms especially focus around:

  • Information such as how long to get into ketosis?
  • Recipes such as keto chocolate mousse

These two options offer nice potential for:

1. Featured snippets: within Ahrefs look for “all keyword ideas” and include Featured snippets as a SERP feature, which will give you huge potential to steal a big part of the SERP:

Keto featured snippets keywords

2. Structured data: make sure you mark up your recipe content with structured data to enhance search features. Next to a prominent position in the SERP, it helps you to get into Google Assistant, which is closely related to voice search and growing rapidly.

Keto recipe SERP 2

So what do you need to do next in order to earn some?

So start by registering a domain such as keto-pyramid.com (exact match keyword has 1.9K global search volume) or ketofood-pyramid.com (exact match keyword has 6.3K global search volume) – both available at the time of writing:

Create (or outsource) quality longtail content around both information (especially questions) and recipes for the ketogenic diet. Make sure your site architecture makes sense, that you internally link well and start doing outreach for your content to obtain incoming links.

With some effort and a bit of investment you should be able to generate 50K monthly organic traffic within a year. Monetize this as follows:

  • Affiliate marketing: look at this list of opportunities. There’s an average of 20% commission per sale, which leads to around $10 per sale.
  • OR create your own subscription model, such as The Keto Box

Both have huge potential!

11. Pets

We love our furry friends

Although pets aren’t a “new” topic or a very obscure niche, it is still a growing industry. And it’s HUGE, by 2025 the global pet market size will be $269 billion. In the US only the current market size is already $75 billion. We definitely want to spend a buck on our four-legged friends.

Try to narrow it down

The entire pet potential is enormous, but it’s tempting to get lost and not knowing where to start. Therefore you have to find niches within the niche. A great example of this, is one of our websites herdershonden.nl, which is a Dutch website and translates to German Shepherds. The strategy for this website will follow in another article soon.

Maybe even try to find your luck overseas

We have been part of a big pets website in Australia and the search volumes are insane. To get an idea; below are the clicks and impressions of the last 16 months. Almost 1.8M impressions per month and this is just Australia (and competition in Australia is extremely low). We definitely did not hit full potential yet. It wouldn’t be unrealistic to reach 300K clicks per month.

PerfectPets GSC results

A case study of our pets adventure in Australia will follow soon!

How to create your own pet goldmine?

Determine the angle of your website on a couple of things:

  • Your interests: would you like to create or outsource content around all pets or a specific one that you feel most affection with.
  • The method of monetizing
    • Do you want to aim for rank and rent, choose something around breeders or vets and make sure you localize.
    • Leadgen for breeders.
    • Would you like to earn affiliate commission, make sure your website has the opportunity to do this for food, toys or insurance.
    • If you want to dropship, find products that would have a low return rate and relatively high margin + of course high search volumes. An example of this is dog beds.
  • Do some research and narrow it down. If you would like to have a website completely around puppies and leave the method of monetizing open, then try and find high potential, low competition keywords. And there are many…

Check out some of the endless opportunities only related to puppies. Not a big surprise as there are around 340 dog breeds.

Puppies SEO keywords

With this information start your website around puppies, you can even already give it some transactional or local intent, check out these domaine names that are still around:

Pets SEO domains

Create content around every dog or cat breed, provide informational pages around specific questions and create lists, such as “best dog food 2023” or “best puppy beds 2023”. Learn more about these specific tricks at our article about page title tricks.

Financial freedom through pets?

As already explained, there are multiple ways of monetizing, which also means there is a variety of strategies:

  • Building local websites such as puppiesmelbourne.com.au, puppynewyork.com or puppieslondon.co.uk. Create a similar strategy around these websites, so you can rank and rent.
  • A puppy or kitten focused website with content around breeds, but also food, toys, insurances etc. can have multiple purposes. Next to its potential in affiliate marketing and dropshipping, it can also have a purpose for lead generation for local breeders.
    Informational website focused on all pets. This might not have such a transactional value, but has the biggest potential for attracting a shitload of traffic.

Our verdict: choose your niche and monetizing method, put some effort in and stay persistent, then this should be able to transform into a monthly $3000+ business.

12. Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is steadily growing in search interest in the last few years as you can see in the Trends graph below:

Teeth whitening Google Trends

Next to that, its market size could grow to over $6.6 billion by 2025. From that perspective there is tremendous potential.

How to approach this niche?

You could focus on the actual teeth whitening as a service or on teeth whitening products.

Although the generic terms around teeth whitening have a lot of competition, there is huge potential around its longtail:

1. The localized approach

It is shown before in this article, but it’s such a good method for lead generation or rank and rent. See the screenshot below for the (growing) search volume of teeth whitening near me and a competition of 0. True that it is kind of logical, given its local intent, but let us guide you through it.

Teeth whitening near me seo
  • First try to find a domain name that would suit this type of business such as:
  • Create a compelling homepage around that exact keyword teeth whitening near me.
  • Then create category pages with content around different locations.
    • Focus on regions and cities, such as teeth whitening los angeles and teeth whitening new york.
    • Offer a function to compare the most relevant teeth whitening places in that particular place.
  • Do some outreach for backlinks and there you have it; a perfect starting point for a lead generator.

2. The “niche-within-a-niche” approach

There you have it again, but it is also extremely helpful for teeth whitening. Biggest tip here is to keep an eye open for trends. So how are you going to start this?

  • Well, you use Ahrefs again to check for high search volume/low competition keywords.
Teeth whitening SEO competition

A few things are interesting here:

  1. There are more than 10K related keywords with a KD lower than <25.
  2. There are some really specific niches here such as crest whitestrips and charcoal teeth whitening.
  • Choose a domain name based on this info. While writing this charcoal-teethwhitening.com is still free.
  • Be the master in this niche, which means write about everything, provide images and videos.

Would you be able to pay your rent or mortgage of teeth whitening?

The answer is: it depends on how expensive your place is 😉 Both strategies could definitely lead to a passive income of >$1500.

SEO it depends

13. Solar panels

Alternative or renewable energy sources are a huge industry that is growing tremendously. In 2018, the global market size was estimated around $52.5 billion, but in 2026 it is estimated to be a staggering $223 billion. Search behavior is also still supporting this growth as you can see in the Trends graph below:

Solar Panels Google Trends

So of course, many companies are already exploiting the solar energy rush and solar farms are popping up like weeds. But there are still some interesting ways to generate traffic and monetize it. We have selected three methods that could be very helpful within this niche:

1. Make use of specific lesser known markets

More specifically, focus on South Africa and Australia. The competition is way less and the sun is pretty present, so the potential is there. There are about 4000 keywords related to solar panels and solar energy that have a keyword difficulty lower than 30. Many of them are focusing on terms that will be discussed in the other two methods; local intent and specific subcategories such as solar batteries.

2. Add local search intent

This tactic could help for lead generation. You could set this up in two different ways:

  1. Having an overall website containing different locations. This could be done on a domain like solarprovidernearme.com
  2. Or creating websites for all these different locations, i.e. solarpanelperth.com.au (which isn’t taken at time of writing).

Local search volumes are reasonably high, depending on the location and the competition is not as big as on very generic terms, especially when you take markets such as the South African and Australian.

3. Niches within the solar energy niche

This tactic again? Yes it works for many niches, as it proves to be very effective for finding hidden gems that have high potential. A couple that we have found for solar panels include:

  • Small solar panels
  • Adding the specific watts, such as 300 watt solar panel
  • Solar batteries or solar panel batteries

This last method also has some dropshipping potential.

Monetizing the renewable energy gold rush

It’s hard to say how much you can make with a successful website (or multiple websites) in solar energy, as it really depends on what you focus on. The average order values will be way less for solar phone battery chargers than for actually having a solar system installed on your house.

14. Eco-friendly

Go green or go home; at least that’s a recent development on how millennials value brands. Therefore there is big growth in sustainable products, which is underlined by a Nielsen study of 2018:

Sustainable market size

And this is only the beginning as Generation Z is strengthening the sustainability trend. So lots of potential, but where to start?

Starting you eco-friendly hub

Create a website that serves as a hub for different types of eco-friendly products. You could start something like theecoconscious.com or environmentally-conscious.com (both still available):

Environmentally conscious domain

Check low competition keywords on Ahrefs or any other good SEO tool and don’t forget to check the parent topics.

Ecofriendly keywords
  • Your homepage should be optimized for eco friendly products
  • Create categories for different types of products (i.e. clothing, furniture and packaging)
  • Create a blog for all trends and questions people have around the topics.

How to benefit from your traffic?

We wouldn’t recommend dropshipping as that would undermine the entire idea of the website 😅
However there are many ways of using affiliate as you could use multiple affiliate sources for different product categories or maybe you’ll have an idea to start producing your own eco-friendly products.

It shouldn’t be impossible to reach 20K organic monthly traffic, which should at least make you $1000 per month passive income.

15. Vegan protein powder

Let’s stay in the environmentally conscious corner for SEO potential. According to The Economist 2019 was the year of the vegan, in which veganism went mainstream. The market size is therefore expected to grow rapidly to around $25 billion by 2025. Enough reason two focus on one or two niches within this market. This is also supported by the rise in global searches that took off somewhere around 2013 and is still growing:

Vegan protein powder seo

The good thing about this niche is that it combines two growing markets; veganism and sports supplements.

Dominate the vegan protein niche:

There is around 42K global search volume around the exact term, but the keyword difficulty is still reasonably low. Your main keyword would only need an estimated 27 referring domains to rank position #1 on this term.

Next to that, there are more than 7K related keywords with a KD lower than 25, which means there’s huge potential in this specific niche:

How to start your website?

Sort out the domain. We have spotted some pretty good available ones:

Vega protein domain
  • Optimize your homepage for vegan protein powder
    • Include questions in your content around this topic
  • Make categories based on niches you find
  • Include products from affiliate programs and start creating passive wealth

You should definitely be able to generate 10K monthly traffic, which should result in $500-$1000 monthly passive income, with low effort.

16. Matcha

Another hype or here to stay?

Matcha has been one of these green food trends that have proved to be growing over the last few years. It was already a popular product in many Asian countries, but now North-America, Western Europe and Australia have followed. The global market size is estimated to grow up to almost $4 billion by 2024. The trendline for search also underlines that Matcha is expected to grow:

Matcha Trends

How to grow organic matcha traffic?

The generic term [matcha] currently has a global search volume of 416K and its keyword difficulty is quite high. Next to that, it is almost impossible to rank for the term taking search intent into account.

So then where to start?

We have told you already and will tell you again, but start exploring the longtail. There are more than 3000 keywords with low competition and quite some potential:

As you can see this potential is especially around specific products, recipes and questions. So start your website around those three!

At the ketogenic niche, we showed you the potential of recipes and how they can help you to grow visibility. You can do the same for matcha.

How big is the matcha potential?

In terms of traffic this is a real gem, it should definitely be doable to reach 50K organic traffic per month, which could equal monthly affiliate commissions around $2500+.

17. Shapewear

So yeah, shapewear… It’s one of those products that grew in popularity because of the Kardashians, or to be more specific, because of Kim Kardashian. There has been a rise in search behaviour as well, which is supported by the Trends graph below:

Shapewear Trends

Personally we couldn’t believe it (probably because we’re male), but the global shapewear market size was $2.26 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to $3.8 billion by 2025. Huge potential for such a ‘small niche’.

Where to find potential for your website?

Well even the exact match keyword [shapewear] isn’t unreachable and with a global search volume of 83K it has huge potential:

Shapewear Ahrefs

The longtail is way bigger than you would expect; there are more than 26K related keywords, which seems unbelievable for such a niche term and many of them have very low competition and reasonably high search volumes, as shapewear often is part of a big e-commerce platform, but there aren’t many shapewear-only focused websites.

How to monetize your shapewear traffic?

Creating a website for this niche and following the strategy above should get you somewhere between 50-100K monthly organic traffic. Monetize this traffic with:

  • Affiliate marketing: potential of $5000 monthly recurring income
  • The potential for dropshipping is even bigger (although you have to take returns into consideration)

18. Male medicine

Might be a bit of a shady topic, but in terms of potential it is huge. Only the erectile dysfunction market size is already expected to grow over $5 billion by 2022. Even more striking are two examples of websites who started around January 2018 and had over 500K organic traffic within 1.5 year:


Forhims ahrefs


Both websites seem to be hit by some Google updates, such as the medic update around August 2018. The keywords mostly focus around intimate male topics and specific medicines, which have enormous amounts of search volume.

What type of male medicine keywords should you focus on?

To give you an idea of the keywords with highest amount of search volume that forhims.com ranks for:

Forhims SEO keywords

Of course the keyword difficulty is quite high, but each of these keywords represents a specific topic with related keywords. Looking into the topic with the highest volume sertraline it looks as follows:

Sertraline Ahrefs SEO

This keyword by itself has a global search volume of 605K and almost 30K related keywords. Repeat the strategy from other niches to look for high search volume / low KD keywords around this topic.

Make sure you’re applying the following ‘tricks’, when using Ahrefs:

  • Check competitor’s keywords
  • Sort on search volume to find interesting topics
    • Deepdive in this topics for related searches
  • To find generic high potential keywords filter on KD (<25) at the competitor’s keyword list and make, sort on search volume

What is the potential of being an online male doctor?

Although it will be hard to have as much organic success as quickly as the examples above, the possibilities within this niche are almost endless. With a year of hard work, dedication, outsourcing and a bit of budget it should be feasible to generate 150-200K organic monthly traffic.

Monetizing this traffic might be a slippery slope. Some products will be eligible for affiliate programs, such as the ones listed here. However, it is really hard to give an estimate on what that would mean for earnings. It shouldn’t be an issue with that amount of organic traffic though 😉

19. GPS tracking

The tracking market is growing rapidly

This is one of the niches we are active in ourselves. We will definitely update you when we will spend more time on this, so you can follow our journey and the plan we have to dominate this industry online 🤑

GPS tracking is currently used for many purposes, such as automotive, bikes, people (especially kids and elderly) and pets. Only zooming in on vehicle tracking systems, the market size is expected to grow from almost $4 billion in 2017 to almost $25 billion in 2025, almost 600% growth!

This is also supported by an upwards Google Trends line:

GPS tracker Google trends

So much competition already, where to start?

In August 2016 Glenn Allsopp from Viperchill already coined this niche in his extensive profitable SEO niches article and he predicted: “I think this niche is only going to get bigger as it becomes easier to set-up, so there’s a lot of potential here.” And although the market is already way more saturated than it was back in 2016, it still has so much potential.

Let us guide you through it:

  • If you want to start a website for specific gps tracking devices, look for related keywords with the specific phrase included. There are more than 1500 keywords with the same term and low competition that match this as is shown in the image below. You could create a website with different types of purposes for gps tracking (pets, kids, cars, spy etc)
  • A website that is optimized around these terms can also be used for dropshipping. For all these categories there are many products that serve as dropshipping opportunities. Only for gps tracker dog there are already more than 17K results.
GPS tracker dog ali
  • Another option is B2B leadgen, which means you have to focus around different terms, since the offering is often subscription based and specifically for 2 or more vehicles. This means that important topics include:
    • Fleet management
    • Vehicle tracking system
    • Information, i.e. around vehicle mileage reimbursement

It might be relatively hard to compete within this industry for SEO, but there are enough subjects and angles within this niche to make it a success. Besides the fact that the AOV for gps tracking systems is quite high, the average price that is generally paid for leads is also pretty lucrative.

In conclusion, if you’re able to create somewhere between 10K-20K in monthly organic traffic you can create quite a good side income for yourself, especially if it’s focused around leads.

20. Fine jewelry

The jewelry market is huge, it is projected to be around $500 billion by 2025. Simultaneously two things will rise in popularity as well; firstly hand-crafted (fine) products and secondly shopping jewelry online will grow tremendously in the upcoming years. This is a transformation that you should take advantage of quickly 😉

Huge untapped potential and low competition

For one of our clients we have performed multiple analyses that show the potential that lies in this niche:

  • To get an idea of just a few product categories that you could use:
Product category search volumes
  • Similarly we gathered all insights from a keyword analysis and translated them into a descending list of product materials that are used. It becomes interesting in the longtail where materials are used that have very low competition:
Product category material
  • Below is a list of pretty generic terms and the global search volume completed with KD to get a notion of how to prioritize:
jewelry materials seo search volumes
  • If you go one step deeper and search for related keywords to opal rings for instance, then you see this:

Competition is extremely low, isn’t it? 😏

How to generate SEO traffic to my jewelry website?

  • With these insights do a very meticulous keyword research
  • Create a great and logical site architecture
  • Create or outsource copy for both main and secondary keywords
  • Make use of image search as the SERP is pretty image-heavy:
Opal rings SERP

So now what to do with all this traffic?

This niche probably won’t convert well compared to other niches, but the AOV is very high. However, putting in some effort and really having content in place for both designers and materials + product categories should get you at least 150K organic traffic per month.

Monetize this via:

  1. Affiliate, just Google for some high paying affiliate programs related to jewelry
  2. Serve as a rank and rent service or lead gen for fine jewelry designers

21. Selfie drones and other drone niches

Images speak louder than words:

Selfie drone ahrefs

Not bad in terms of competition, right?

Selfie drone related keywords

Check out some related terms or find out some other drone niches.

Register this domain, create a one-pager with nice content and get some quality backlinks!
Then of course don’t forget to monetize your traffic. 🤓

Bonus hustle experiences:

  • Check out our FIFA 19 article to get an idea about the game releases niche
  • An article about our ledsneakers website (experiment) will follow soon for anyone who is interested in the LED niche. Quick tip, create a website for light up xmas sweaters and wait for the peak:
xmas sweaters seo niche

Finally, keep an eye open for new trends and niches that emerge in 2023 and onwards. For more inspiration, check out our guide around building side hustles. If you have any experience with the above or want to start in one of these niches, sign up and let us know!  🤙

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